Nanotech Middle East 2019

Conference and Exhibition

3 - 5 November 2019
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Conference Sessions, Focuced Sessions and Workshops/Tutorials

The Nanotech Middle East 2017 will present focused sessions and workshops/toturials to harness the academia and business awareness on the nanotechnology topics that are most related to the region needs and requirements such as Nanotech for Water Technologies, Nanotech for Oil and Gas, Nanotech for Energy, Nanotech for buildings and construction and Nanotech for life sciences and medecine.

Below are the event's sessions:


Main sessions:

  • Nanomaterials Processing/ Nanometrology.
  • Nanoelectronics/Phontonics.
  • Nanotech for Energy.
  • Nanotech for Oil and Gas.
  • Nanotech for environment protection and remediation.
  • Nanotech for Water Technologies.
  • Nanotech for building and construction.
  • Nanotech for life sciences.


Focused sessions:

  • Focused session on Nanoparticles synthesis and properties.
  • Focused session on Nano-Catalysts and Their Applications.
  • Focused session on Nanocomposites.
  • Focused Session on Nanotechnology for water disinfection.
  • Focused session on Nanotechnology for Water desalination.
  • Focused session on Nanomaterials for Clean and Sustainable Technology.
  • Focused session on Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection, Conversion and storage.
  • Focused session on Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics.
  • Focused session Nanotech for Oil and Gas applications.
  • Focused session on Nanotechnology in construction and building.
  • Focused session on Nanotechnology for corrosion protection.
  • Focused session Nanosafety/ Nanotoxicity.
  • Focused session on Graphene and 2D Materials- New Materials for the 21st Century.
  • Focused session on Graphene for Energy.


Industrial sessions

  • Focused session on Graphene industrial applications.
  • Focused session on nanotechnology in construction industry.
  • Focused session Nanotechnology and advanced materials for machinery and process tools.
  • Focused session on 3D Printing Nanolab for solar panels.