Nanotech Middle East 2019

Conference and Exhibition

3 - 5 November 2019
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Profile

The Nanotech Middle East 2017 exhibition will provide a unique platform to all leading manufacturers and new comers worldwide for launching their latest innovations and technologiesIt will also serve as the gateway to the emerging and far reaching nanotechnology market in the MENASA region. A wide-ranging products, equipment and services will be displayed. A number of practical and interactive activities will run alongside the exhibition halls.

Jointly and parallel to the Nanotech event, the organising committee is launching two related and important topics events: Biotech Middle East 2017 (Biotechnology Conference and Exhibition) and Surtech Middle East 2017 (Surface Treatment, Plating & Painting Technology Conference and Exhibition). The Exhibition will be common for the three event. For further details about these concurrent events, follow their links under the section Concurrent Events.

The exhibition concerns all the nanotechnology and nanosciences players.

  • Industry and Corporate
  • Regional agents and distributors
  • Research labs
  • Universities labs
  • Regulators and Policy Makers
  • Scientific societies and associations
  • Trade Commissions
  • Industry Representatives
  • Private Equity and Angel Investors


Exhibitors' Profile

The Exhibition concerns the following nanotechnology industries sectors:


Nano Materials

Nano metal oxide, metal powder & Plaster, Inorganic matter, Nano composite, Nano structure nano wire, nano fiber, carbon nanotube, Bio materials, photonic materials, Quantum dot, etc.

Nano Devices

System LSI, OLED, Data Storage, Memory, Photonic-Devices, Nano Robot, Simulation, Bio sensor & chips(DNA, Protein), Lab on a chip, etc.

Nano Manufacturing

Powder manufacture, Dispersion & mixture, Precision Array(optics, machinery, electronic parts), Electric printing(inkjet printing, Lithography, nano imprint), Generator(H2 plasma), etc.

Nano Evaluation
& Measurement

Electronic Microscope(SEM, TEM), Scanning probe microscopy(AFM, SPM, STM), Various Analyzer, Tester, Services, Design, Simulation & Software, etc.


IT/Electronics, Display, Automotive / Aviation / Shipbuilding, Bio(Diagnosis/Treatment), Environment & Energy, Life application, etc